Mini Garden Digger and Driver/Operator Hire Service (Garden Clearance)

Require some heavy digging?  My rubber-tracked mini garden digger is only 700mm (70cm) wide and will go through a garden gate – I’ve even taken it through a house before!

I’ll board out your lawn or paving, ensuring no damage whatsoever.  My mini garden digger service will provide you with the option of getting digging machinery into areas that traditional diggers can’t get to.

One full days’ service with me and my mini digger will achieve far more than hand-digging could achieve in several weeks.  Why spend your free time endlessly digging away when we could achieve what you need with minimal effort?

My mini garden digger services include;

  • General scrub clearance
  • Levels reduced
  • Tree stump removal
  • Excavation of foundations for driveways and house extensions, and bases for conservatories, greenhouses, summerhouses, sheds, and log cabins
  • Trenching for cables and pipes (we can recommend expert electricians, plumbers, and gas engineers if required)
  • Digging out of ponds (as well as full pond construction if required)
  • Digging out of borders and preparation for planting.  We can also supply manure and dig it into the beds

The garden landscape and gardening by mini garden digger and dumper service represents a very cost-effective and more thorough solution than the back-breaking hand digging alternative.  Don’t waste your own time; achieve more with me in one day than weeks of back-breaking hand digging.  Call me today to find out more.

Why choose a mini garden digger and driver/operator service?

Some people choose to rent/hire mini garden diggers without drivers/operators to save money, but unless you have previous experience driving plant machinery this is generally false economy. You’ll spend half a day just getting to grips with the controls and even then you’ll achieve less than an experienced garden digger driver will. Mini garden digger hire with a driver/operator is by far the most cost-effective method.

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    Front garden clearance for drive

    Reliable, competitively priced, and a good job done - highly recommend

    Thank you for the review, Bill!

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