My Garden Landscaping Services

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for quality garden landscape services.  Over the years I have completed a huge variety of different designs and gardens, from simple block paved driveways to multi-tier gardens and floating railway-sleeper decking.

I offer a range of cost-effective garden landscape services to help you achieve the garden of your dreams.  Get in touch for more information about any of the services I offer or any of our previous work.

Whether you’re looking to add value to your property by making the garden a beautiful and practical extension of your home, are looking to add space for more cars with a driveway, or are after beautiful woodwork structures or water features, I’m happy to talk.

Click any of the drop-down menus below for more information about my garden landscape and gardening services, and have a look at my portfolio of existing landscape gardening projects to see what I’ve done in the past.

Looking for more information?  Call us on 01480 470448 or 07753 911329, or leave your details and I’ll get back to you.

Block Paveving Driveways - by Robert Hughes Garden Landscaping & Construction

Block Paving Driveways & Shingle Driveways

I construct driveways to the highest quality, giving as much attention-to-detail for what goes in the ground as I do for the actual finished driveway you see.  After all, what good is a driveway that sinks?

I offer a range of different driveways, depending on your needs and budget.  Block paved driveways offer an attractive and practical option, while a simple shingle driveways with an attractive brick or block border is an incredibly cost-effective way of transforming your front garden into a fully usable driveway.

Decking - by Robert Hughes Garden Landscaping & Construction

Hardwood & Softwood Decking

I am an expert at fitting quality decking, constructing a solid base for your deck that will last for many years, and expertly cutting the decking strips to guarantee the best finish possible.  I can either leave it in its natural colour, or stain it with a stain colour of your choice.

I provide standard decking services, but can also construct railway sleeper decking areas; if you have a large space and are looking to make a bold statement, a railway sleeper decking area could be the perfect addition to your garden.

Paving Cleaning & Driveway Cleaning - by Robert Hughes Garden Landscaping & Construction

Driveway Cleaning & Paving Cleaning

Make your old garden look brand new again, with our professional pressure washing service!

My gardens stand the test of time, and that’s why I still keep in touch with happy customers from over 20 years ago.  However, there’s no getting away from dirt, stains, and algae in any outdoor space, all of which can make even the best looking garden a bit drab.  With my industrial-strength water-based pressure washing service, I can safely clean all hard garden landscape surfaces without the need for chemicals, including;

  • All paving, terraces, and patios; we can also conduct repairs where necessary, such as swapping out slabs, bricks, or blocks that have oil spills or cracks, or if your existing driveway has sunk in places (due to shoddy workmanship from your previous landscape gardener).  I will also sweep in kiln dry sand when required, such as on brick/block paving
  • All walls and walling surfaces
  • All hardwood surfaces, such as timber decking, railway sleepers, fences, gates, and even garden furniture!
  • Conservatory roofs
  • And any other hard outdoor surface you can think of
Brickwork, Walls, & Raised Planters - by Robert Hughes Garden Landscaping & Construction

Brickwork, Walls, & Raised Planters

My brickwork is of the highest quality, paying the utmost attention-to-detail to every single brick that is laid.  Expertly pointed up, and constantly checked to ensure it is level.  Bricks are mixed from different pallets to ensure a consistent display of colour all across the wall; some pallets will be darker or lighter than others so it is imperative to mix from different pallets.

Pebble Mosaics in Paving - by Robert Hughes Garden Landscaping & Construction

Pebble Mosaics in Paving

If you’re looking to add interest to an area of paving, pebble mosaics could be a good option. Using several bags of different coloured pebbles, I lay the pebbles in concrete to particular designs. See the pictures below from a recent paving and pebble mosaic project to get a better idea. The design and patterns are endless – just use your imagination!

Indian Sandstone Paving - by Robert Hughes Garden Construction

Paving & Patios

I provide quality paving services using a number of quality materials, including;

  • Block Paving
  • Indian Sandstone
  • Brick Paving
  • And many more…
Fencing - by Robert Hughes Garden Landscaping & Construction


Ensuring your fence is completely level and so well constructed that it will stand up to any abuse the Great British weather can throw at it is our top priority.  Working with top quality timbers merchants we ensure that you have a large range of fencing, fence panels, gates, and general timber supplies to choose from.  Either leave the fence in its natural colour or stain it with a stain colour of your choice.

Mini Digger Garden Clearance by Robert Hughes Garden Landscaping & Construction

Garden Clearance & Mini Digger & Operator Service

Require some heavy digging?  My rubber-tracked mini-digger is only 800mm (80cm) wide and will go through a garden gate, and in extreme cases of poor access I can even take it through a house!  I’ll board out your lawn or paving and cause no damage whatsoever, providing you with the option of getting digging machinery into areas that traditional diggers can’t get to. One full days’ service with the mini-digger and operator will achieve more than hand-digging could achieve in several weeks.  Why spend your free time endlessly digging away when we could achieve what you need with minimal effort?

General shrub clearance | Levels reduced | Tree stump removal | Excavation of foundations for driveways and house extensions, and bases for conservatories, greenhouses, summerhouses, sheds, and log cabins | Trenching for cables and pipes (we can recommend expert electricians, plumbers, and gas engineers if required) | Digging out of ponds (as well as full pond construction if required) | Digging out of borders and preparation for planting.  We can also supply manure and dig it into the beds

The garden landscape and gardening by mini-digger and dumper service represents a very cost-effective and more thorough solution than the back-breaking hand digging alternative.

Decorative Water Features & Ponds - by Robert Hughes Garden Construction

Ponds & Water Features

Ponds will encourage a huge range of wildlife into your garden, while decorative and/or functional water-features add real character to any garden in addition to the wonderful sounds of running water.

I construct solid-walled ponds using concrete-sealer and/or butyl liner, as well as more natural shaped ponds using butyl liner, depending on your requirements.  Water-features provide a low-maintenance way of bringing your garden to life with free-flowing water and decorative water fountains.